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Welcome to the Infection Control & Prevention Course. This course provides an in-depth introduction to the field of infection control and includes discussion of healthcare associated infections, how they get transmitted, and the infection control policies and procedures that should be instituted to prevent their transmission.

Infection is prevalent among all individuals from young to old, healthy to sickly, and range in cases that are serious to minor. Learning about infections, how to prevent them, and how to treat them is important, especially if you are in the medical or aesthetic field.

In fact, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, medspas, etc. are one of the highest risk places to attract an infection.

These types of infections are referred to as Healthcare Associate Infections, or HAIs, and are one of the most common complications of healthcare services around the world. These infections occur when someone is seeking care for an illness or injury and acquire an unrelated illness during treatment at a healthcare facility that was not present when admitted.

Throughout this course, you will learn more about HAIs, what this entails, how they are transmitted, and how to prevent and eliminate them. These protocols are often referred to Infection Prevention and Control.

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